Nice try, Lindsey Graham

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He says the impeachment trial and the evidence against his idol yesterday was “offensive and absurd”.

Here is what else is offensive and absurd:

Trump will be acquitted.

It is offensive that people refuse to look at the truth. The evidence is right in front of them, and they instead choose to doodle on their work papers or look away with some twisted magical thinking.

What is truly on trial is human decency. I know I am not the first person to think this and to write about this. But I am angry and offended. …

It is finally the big day!
Time to turn the page on the past four years. Time to relax. Time to just get back out into the world!

Face reality.

Words of comfort from my gynecologist’s office

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Last week it was time for my annual checkup. While a lot of women dread their visits, let me just declare:

I love my gynecologist.

She has Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom on her bookshelf. She also has supplements, personal massagers, essential oils, and her hand-painted greeting cards for sale in her office. She’s gentle and down to earth. I barely feel the speculum, and she has socks covering the footrests on her exam table. When she leaves to let you take your clothes off, she gives you two purple robes to choose from: satin or cotton.

She tells me when…

On Twitter, no less

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I am not going to get into it with this stranger who is clearly not a teacher, nor does he know any actual teachers. So instead, I will rant about it here.

Here is the tweet I am referring to, and while it is almost benign, the first two sentences have my shackles raised.

“I agree teachers are underpaid but remember that they do not work 40 hours/week 52 weeks/year. The huge amount of days off should be factored in. Pay should be based on value, not longevity. Time to scrap tenure/raise salaries for the ones who can guide children…

It’s almost noon, electors

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Time is just about up. No 11:20 lawsuits, bribes, blackmail, intimidation, or cheating can keep the electors from making the 2020 election results official.

The big question of course is: What will Trump and his followers do next? Which republicans will not only accept the results, but also support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

To be honest, the backlash from this election has been more than scary. People are spreading conspiracy theories and false information, and it is dangerous. …


This is horrifying

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Wow, I have some deep respect (and fear) for journalists braving the “super spreader” event of the year. As I began looking at photos of today’s “Million MAGA March,” I could see (mostly) white people not wearing masks. I cannot imagine setting foot in DC this weekend. I don’t live too far away, however, and I can only imagine how many more people will catch the coronavirus in the next few weeks.

Of course, this is America. People have the right to protest. They are in their full right to hold signs and chant their opinions. They can love Donald…

Remember you are not alone

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It was the Saturday before Halloween, just 10 days until the election. In the produce section, I selected three large pumpkins, since I knew my family wouldn’t be taking our annual trip to the pumpkin farm and corn maze. As I wandered the supermarket aisles, I consider carving “Biden 2020” into one of them. I smirked under my mask, thinking it superstitious, even though I had carved “Obama 2008” so many moons ago.

And then, seemingly for no reason, I just felt the arms of futility dragging me down again. …

My Bubble Bursts

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Guns are on my mind. Again. Last Saturday in my neighborhood a series of shots. Boom boom boom boom!

On the neighborhood list-serve:
— Were those fireworks?
— I think it was guns.
— People STILL have fireworks?
— That was not fireworks. I hope I am wrong this time.

Sure enough, a house down the street had a van parked at the curb. 7:30 AM and someone put a bunch of holes in it. Then they zoomed past my house (I found out later) while I sipped coffee on the porch with my friend, kid, and dog.

No sirens…

You can’t suck on a cigarette and wear a mask

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Last weekend, I got brave enough to take my kid for a real haircut. The helmet on his head could not be there anymore. This mama is a lot of things, but she is definitely not a barber.

We went to Great Clips and stood in line outside. I was pleased to see their safety protocols. Only a few customers at a time, masks, hand sanitizers, etc. That was fine.

What I was not prepared for was the other people waiting for their haircuts. One guy sat on the chair right outside the door, pulled down his mask, and sucked…

Rae Lately

Rae is my middle name. If I sound the same, it’s because I am here writing about life, society, and the view from another voice.

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