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Cryptocurrency? How I must seem like an ancient person. I kind of get the appeal just like I might enjoy pulling all the plugs and living off the grid. But it makes no sense to me.

Someone tried to explain it all to me once, but seriously, can you buy groceries with it? I just do not get it! How does the economy work?

Maybe it just scares me like the dark web, dark corners, dark basements.

Maybe someone would convince me to try it out. But, don’t you need real money in order to buy some, to begin with?

Is this a barter economy? Does it even really exist? So many questions. Maybe I should go do some research.

Someone out there- enlighten me…but I am not that interested.

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I am a singer without a song.
Alter egos are not really my thing.
These are my raw sides
The ones who hide.

I used to think I could up the ante
Now I know that is a lie.
Strung out
The laundry waits

A bubble pops
There goes my thought.

Read the handwriting.
Find the mischievous
The most among us.

Certain egos are not really my thing.
But getting stuck to myself
Is the easiest slip.

I will stroke yours though
If you are still awake.

Nothing comes in the mail
Anymore, and I send nothing

Who steals a rubbish bin
I will ask the list serve
Someone knows someone

Admit it.

RL 2021

It is finally the big day!
Time to turn the page on the past four years. Time to relax. Time to just get back out into the world!

Face reality.

I am anxious. I am worried about the safety of Biden and team. I am worried about the fall-out and the potential violent tendencies of the Trump base.

But yeah, an inauguration with a party on the lawn during this pandemic would be irresponsible. Everything must be streamed. A viewing party with the same guests as always.

I love my family.

An absurd thought:
The other day while I was watching the movie, National Treasure with my students, I had a reality check. As a reminder, this is the 2004 Nicholas Cage film all about treasure hunters, conspiracy theories, a silly smart side kick, and a quirky romance.

This was not a huge revelation, but more of a “wow” moment and a reminder about how we really can get used to anything and how quickly. There is a scene where they’re at a Gala celebrating the Declaration of Independence, and I kept thinking something is off (besides the acting). Then I realize no one at the party is wearing a mask. Super spreader! Super spreader!

And that is how I realized I have shifted into understanding life with a mask is “normal,” and anything other than that feels strange. Through a movie with flip-phones.

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I am here writing about life, society, and the view from another voice.

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